After her son’s inexplicable suicide, a novelist is presented with the extraordinary opportunity: the chance to re-write time to save him.

On the night of her greatest career achievement, novelist Brooke Edmunds’ son Caleb kills himself. His cryptic note “TAG” offers little explanation.  Brooke fears a hater is gas-lighting her when a mysterious business card introducing the Revisionists keeps showing up in strange and troubling ways. But when the card leads her to a mysterious woman who offers her the chance to rewind time, Brooke seizes the chance to make a new choice, regardless of the cost.

Brooke returns to the night of Caleb’s death. Sadly, once again the evening ends in disaster: their car crashes and Caleb dies. Instead of grieving, however, Brooke focuses on seeking out the strange woman and choosing the perfect moment to revisit to reshape Caleb’s destiny. Her odd behavior prompts Brooke’s ex-husband to commit her to a mental institution. There she befriends Thomas, a man struggling to rebuild his life. When Brooke realizes that Thomas was the driver of the car that killed Caleb in this time line, she’s determined to attempt another revision in the hopes of saving them both.

This time, Brooke returns to Caleb’s happiest moment—an idyllic family beach vacation when Caleb was 12. Unfortunately, with her future-knowledge, she immediately recognizes the woman her husband calls “a friend” as the woman he divorced Brooke to marry in a prior timeline. Determined to keep her family together, Brooke embarks on a heroic effort to become the perfect wife and mother while continuing to build her career. It’s a disaster. The marriage is doomed. Surrendering to the inevitability of divorce, Brooke turns her focus to Caleb, demanding full custody and deciding to move him far away. Unfortunately, Caleb doesn’t like the new house or his new school—or Thomas, who, in this Revision is the friendly realtor helps them relocate—and whose attraction to Brooke is evident, even though he has no memory of their connections in prior timelines. As her feelings for Thomas deepen, Brooke creates a terrible fate: Thomas runs over a runaway Caleb on a dark road. With Caleb dead and the man she loves responsible, Brooke once again seeks out a revision.

But this time, there’s a cost. Brooke must remove herself from Caleb’s life.

Brooke goes back to her divorce proceedings and surprises everyone—including 12 year old Caleb—by surrendering full custody to her ex. Heart-broken, Brooke buries herself in her work… and finds herself more successful than ever. But betrayed by the mother he adores and excluded by his father’s remarriage, Caleb acts out. As he gets older, a dubious group of new friends push his behavior into the danger zone and when Caleb’s crew decide to rob Brooke’s isolated mansion, Caleb’s involvement makes it easy. Hearing intruders, a terrified Brooke arms herself with a pistol hidden for emergencies. She fires blindly… and kills her own son.

This is the worse revision of all. Brooke can’t live with what she’s done, and is desperate to revise once more. This time, however, the cost is even steeper: she must give up her creative career.

Brooke agrees. She finds herself a struggling single mom. In this timeline, Thomas is her boss and he fires her. Even worse, sacrificing her creativity has cost her very life force— and the slow-growing brain tumor that Brooke finally understands has been with her in every timeline– blossoms. Brooke will die in this timeline for certain. But at least Caleb is alive…

Until he’s arrested for stealing painkillers to help Brooke. Brooke makes a final choice: to sacrifice herself to give Caleb the chance to revise the timeline for both of them. She delivers Caleb a final message: “Tag”– and in prison he receives a mysterious black business card introducing the Revisionists.

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